Wednesday 21 December 2022

Back to office is most frustrating part of IT life

 Back to office is most frustrating part of IT lifeWith COVID 19 breakout, there was an unprecedented transformation for people working in IT and our lifestyle has changed a lot. However, the leadership in large MNC’s are focused on bringing back people to offices and it may seem inevitable for oblivious reasons. There are few justifications from people like me on how work from home has impacted our lives and its never going back to office. Following reasons are based on my lifestyle and project allocation from my current company

  • Time spent with Family: The work from home has enabled me to spend some quality time with my family, as during my office leisure time or while working I can have casual conversation with my Family and learn their daily routine, assist if possible and even kids feel joyful on having their dad at home (even if I am stuck with work pressure).
  • Comfort at time: No what matter where your work or how sophisticated the work-spaces are, the comfort of home could never be unmatched and with the food tastiness from mom’s recipe are unbeatable. In addition, in your home you can work wherever you want and in whatever attire that makes you comfortable.

The above things are priceless and has no monetary value but can only be experienced by the IT professionals like me and hope the MNC’s values their employees and provides them an opportunity to choose work on their comfort. For more such articles and insights on my lifestyle, please feel free to check out “G R Team Sites”

Thursday 6 October 2022

Things to know while buying Apple devices

Things to know while buying Apple devices

Recently, most mobile users across the globe prefer getting Apple devices for their reliability and trustworthy ecosystem protecting users’ privacy. However, there is one critical component that needs to be considered while buying Apple devices and it is none other than accidental damage of the produce. Even though we prefer to take utmost care of the products that we use, the accidental damage may happen to anyone and at any time. In such cases, following are the most complicated things on buying Apple devices
  • Exorbitant Apple service costs: If by any chance, your Apple device is physically damaged i.e., either display cracked, not booting or disorientation of colors in display, due to accidental drop, then be ready to shell out exorbitant service charges and at times, the charges may be too high that even buying new Apple device might be most feasible option.
  • Lack of OEM products availability in Open markets: Even if you want to check out the third-party service centers for possible quick solution, your apple devices are often replaced with cheap duplicate products and there is no option to get authentic OEM spare parts for repairs. As Apple has restricted the sales and availability of its devices’ OEM parts in open market.

Above are the critical things to be note before deciding whether to get Apple devices and if you have got extended budget, then getting products with Apple Care Plus coverage would be the smart solution. For more such articles or information, please feel free to check out the “G R Team Sites”

Thursday 8 September 2022

Details of my 2012 MacBook Pro getting broken down

For a long time, I couldn’t find motivation to write articles and there has been sudden slump for doing marketing activities for my websites. Everyone has routine work life activities with many ups and downs, I usually try to overcome that by writing something in my websites and in recent times there have been a major personal issue that was disturbing me for long time. So, I wanted to let it out in my websites and the major reason was none other than my laptop – a 2012 MacBook Pro. Before I get into the details, let me share some background of my laptop and how the grievances were following me all through the years.
  • Laptop background: I had bought 2012 MacBook pro in 2016 due to accidental failure of 2011 MacBook pro and I had chosen this laptop due to its customizable options and low budget. Even though the price seemed low, I didn’t have much savings left during the initial years and had to buy it in EMI’s. So, the burden of new laptop was there with me for a whole year, and I was using it casually for my personal activities with the laptop performance meeting my requirements.
  • Few niggles and resolved through customizable options: After letting off my EMI burden, I was able to experience my MacBook pro performance for few months and then came the first significant grievance, the slower RAM. Since, 2012 MacBook pro can be upgraded manually by opening the back-lid, I was able to upgrade it all by myself and to my surprise, the performance was not that good. Again, I started to search internet about possible solutions and was doing all troubleshooting steps. To my vein, nothing worked in favor for me and failed miserably. Finally, I was able to diagnose the issue in my laptop and had to invest hefty amount for resolution.

To know more about the resolution and my laptop issues/grievance was continuing all through the years, please feel free to check out the articles published in “G R Team Sites” 

Friday 5 August 2022

Lack of latest iWork App support for older Macs

I have been using Apple’s office version iWork applications like Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for past few years. With ease of use and hand-off feature support across iOS devices, I felt inclined using iWork applications more than the traditional Microsoft office suite of applications. However, in 2021 Apple introduced new features and some latest updates to its iWork applications and the most disappointing update being lack of support for older macs. If a user creates new workbook with iWork applications and utilizes the latest features in their latest iOS devices, then the same workbook will become unavailable in older Mac’s and will not be accessible. Even if Apple decides to limit all new features for the latest devices, there should have been an option for users to open the workbooks created in latest version of iWork applications in their older macs. Because, at times many users like me trust using Numbers applications for tracking personal expenses and banking transactions. However, with recent backstabbing from Apple, users like me were left out with no options but to revert to Microsoft office suite of applications. With these recent announcements from Apple about dropping support of iWork applications would force its legacy users to switch to reliable Microsoft office application. Read more such articles from posts published in “G R Team Sites”