Wednesday 21 December 2022

Back to office is most frustrating part of IT life

 Back to office is most frustrating part of IT lifeWith COVID 19 breakout, there was an unprecedented transformation for people working in IT and our lifestyle has changed a lot. However, the leadership in large MNC’s are focused on bringing back people to offices and it may seem inevitable for oblivious reasons. There are few justifications from people like me on how work from home has impacted our lives and its never going back to office. Following reasons are based on my lifestyle and project allocation from my current company

  • Time spent with Family: The work from home has enabled me to spend some quality time with my family, as during my office leisure time or while working I can have casual conversation with my Family and learn their daily routine, assist if possible and even kids feel joyful on having their dad at home (even if I am stuck with work pressure).
  • Comfort at time: No what matter where your work or how sophisticated the work-spaces are, the comfort of home could never be unmatched and with the food tastiness from mom’s recipe are unbeatable. In addition, in your home you can work wherever you want and in whatever attire that makes you comfortable.

The above things are priceless and has no monetary value but can only be experienced by the IT professionals like me and hope the MNC’s values their employees and provides them an opportunity to choose work on their comfort. For more such articles and insights on my lifestyle, please feel free to check out “G R Team Sites”

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