Sunday 27 December 2015

Ancient Case Information

Lets examine portuguese case: they engaged in forced conversions and aggression against everyone including even the nasranis. They tried their maximum to convert as many people as possible. Eventually even the christians/nasranis here could not tolerate them. And they got ejected by the dutch.

British case.....they tried conversions directly till 1857, when missionary excesses led Hindus and Muslims to unite against them.

Britishers may have been highly organized. But they were no mongols or mughals. If the hindus and muslims of the subcontinent sneezed together, the british would have landed in arabia. British colonials- around 80,000 to 2 lakh of them controlled the Indian subcontinent, through their sheer organisation skills and by recruiting locals. They could not risk letting missionaries scot free, as they
understood the risk of hindu muslim unity.

Saturday 19 December 2015

Politics in Indian Cricket

Ganguly is known for pissing in when he is out of the tent! Kallis has the kind of bowling to back the team even when there are poor scores by batsmen. Let's see now. Australia was dismissed for 47 in SA. That gave a platform for SA to win the test. Indian bowlers have been ineffective for quite some time, with rare glimpses of brilliance. That's why we lose when our batsmen fail.

The big 3 headed mainly by Dravid have been carrying the show on their capable shoulders. India had been able to bat the opposition out of the game. So when we have a rare failure of all three, like in Australia, the Indian team starts to look very ordinary. And in England, Dravid stood tall. A little support from Tendulkar or Lax would have seen India put up a better show. Okay, here's another tidbit. when was Kallis ever asked to keep wickets, change his place in the order and generally get kicked around like Dravid has been. Or for that matter, has Tendya ever succeeded when he came down the order in ODIs? Did he ever come down the order once he wrested the no. 4 position? Even when Dravid carried his bat at the Oval and must have been dog tired, did Tendya volunteer to open? This is what we are doing to the best no. 3 batsman we have ever had! Given our circumstances,Dravid is any day superior to Kallis or Ponting!

We Indians have this knack of pulling down our best. to me Dravid is the best batsman, in Tests at least, that we have had! And Ganguly has been a waste of God given talent, who never worked to enhance his strengths or reduce his weaknesses. Who is he to comment on Dravid anyway?