Monday 20 April 2015

Got Info of Indo-US relations

Indo-US relations were a “theatrical drama” enacted to induce India to support the US with a view to isolate Iran on one hand and help build a cold war situation in China.
Agree with that completely,what are strategic alliance for ? China is a bigger threat due to increasing might and clout of the Chinese and India seems to be the apt ally to play with so as to neutralize china. Iran with nukes on the other hand is a threat to Israel and U.S will slowly win favor with India and pressure India to stop supporting her natural ally,Iran. Iran and India has been having ties long before U.S was even made a country ,India's oil needs are satisfied by Iran and any halt in that would send our economy spinning . But there is so much of U.S pressure to stop buying oil from Iran.

My guess is that there would be a sharp increase in petrol prices in India soon .Our economy will go slow for this year.

Got Info for Socrates trial and execution

It looks like the author has tried to make a subtle point in this book. What he is saying is that the execution order for Socrates had public backing. It wasn't a malicious verdict by a group of conspirators with a personal score to settle. Still it doesn't add up to much. After all, you cannot take someone's life based on lame assumptions like Gods getting angry because they were teased by a wily old guy. Doesn't matter whether such a verdict had the sympathy of a hundred or a thousand people. It was another blasphemy charge leading up to an innocent scholar's death.

Getting Novels My View

I didn't mean the novel was so free as to be the same as prose fiction. There are some internal peculiarities. A good delimitation is this: “[The novel] is a distinctive (and then quite innovative) kind of prose fiction — featuring a concern with subjectivity and the consciousness of ordinary people, ordinary language, and everyday contemporary events — that emerged in Europe at various points in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and that began to dominate the popular market in England in the early eighteenth century.” The definition is by J. Paul Hunter, in “Gulliver’s Travels and the later writings”. You see then that the novel, as it came into being, was very different from the fantastic adventures of knight errants or mythological heroes, who were also present in prose fiction.

My way of Reading

I can imagine your difficulties, for I live in Brazil and we don't have a great stock of English literature either. What I have read came from slow purchases made as years went by, and from public libraries. The main Brazilian university (USP) has a good library, reasonably furnished with the main titles, but lacking in less famous books. And to buy books from abroad is quite expensive. What I use to do is to search the "Used" section of such sites as Amazon and Abebooks. Sometimes it is possible to find good books in good condition for up to $5. The sad thing is that you must pay other $10 for delivery, but it is still cheaper than buying them new.