Tuesday 31 December 2013

Ganguly being Victim in World Cup

The doubts that i cud have had over the years dada sabotaging the 2007 world cup campaign by his pathetic slow innings of 60 odd runs in double the number of balls against Bangladesh will no more be there. Here is a bitter man who was ranting about his sr vis a vis RD's during last eng tour and this very man cud not even score at a sr of 75-80 in a world cup match against bd. This man still carries the bitterness in him against his former teammate and the most humble servant of Indian cricket for not fighting for his already lost cause. Dada was credited with lot of good things in cricket and it is simply the case of Fence eating Crop.

I have to agree though that Dada was a Victim. A Victim of his own Attitude rather than a psycho (as alleged by Dada) Chappell or anyone else.

For Dada it has always been he him himself.

Racial Comments against Evra

Suarez had accepted that he had called Evra a negro...He should have made an apology earlier itself...The appeal and all is not gonna be easy.. All anti racism organisations are gonna come against us,similarly many other organisations too...Its not going to do good for us...I dint read the full report but I say,there may be many loop holes but there are chances that our appeal and t-shirt incidents might back fire..:-0 much worried about that...And seriously,as this is an instance of accused racism, we are definitely not going to get much support :-( Evra may not be a credible witness, but if what said in the report is true,i would say it was very bad from Luis!!! Anyway, lets hope for the best.

Slaughtering Cow My View

From ancient time India was a land with full of diversities ... Till today the situation is exactly same ... There may be differences in opinion - but based on that, division land is not acceptable .... Creation of Pakistan - I think it was a blunder - both for Hindus n Muslims - It will be clearer with every passing day ...

And I feel it so painful that many Muslims perceive that they are successors of some foreign invaders - this humiliates me a lot - in fact it will humiliate any Indian .... In some cases Muslims are unnecessarily arrogant ... I find no reason for that ...

Anyway ,, in this case - the slughtering of a heavily pregnant cow was totally unnecessary !! ..... Its not about majority or minority - Its more to do with humanity ... Here ,, slughtering of a heavily pregnant cow could be avoided ....

Politicians vs Bio Energy

I am just surprised that BJP is going back to its religion based politics after trying to assume secular tag for last few years now. Definite policy change for them. I know many may not agree that they had been going center right in recent years but that is how it was till recently. It seems to be getting increasingly conservative, religion based and aggressive now. May be they realize that whatever image they may assume, its not going to be easy to beat congress in its own game. WRT topic, I don't know if I can take this fringe guy's opinion as BJP's opinion. He seems silly to make such comparison which can easily put off many hindus too.

On side note, I am not getting any where near dung or urine of cows. Not for consumption anyways. Wonderful for bio-gas and organic fertilizer, but that is that, for me.