Saturday 28 February 2015

Shocking Information about Alcohol

Can alcohol increase your lifespan? If you're a worm, the answer appears to be "yes," according to a new study conducted by chemists at UCLA. While the worms -- known as Caenorhabditis elegans -- typically live for 15 days, their life spans increased to 20 to 40 days when they ingested very small amounts of ethanol -- the same type of alcohol found in your favorite wine, beer or cocktail.

Funny moment at Parliment

yesterday it was first day for mukul roy as railway minister and he was to give reply against discussion held on railway budget which was presented by trivedi. but mukul was not present in lok sabha. after opposition's uproar over absence of mukul, his deputy informed that mukul is in upper house for formal introduction by PM. after a while mukul came in lok sabha. then again mukul stood and left lok sabha. one MP from opposition asked ab wapas kaha ja rahe hai mantri ji, to which mukul said there's voting in rajya sabha so he's going to upper house. Hearing this Sumitra mahajan said " thik hai mantri ji chale jaiye, ana jana to laga hi rehta hai"  

Something I want to Share

I heard the news which i didn't wanted to share.but u people seems to be worried thats why i am sharing this.actually telecom companies like bsnl, mtnl said to telecom minister in their report that people recruited thru ES shows power in their work in every situation.everywhere and every time they used to say that i am in better position and better knowledgeable than you.i am ES officer(more things like that)so now chairman of these companies decided to maintain the department on their own rather taking ES person who shows power only.And 2nd thing is due to allocation of spectrum to different companies accordingly,the role of ITS is getting narrow and narrow,now they do not need more number of ES officers for it.this might be the reason for it also.these all things told to our class while preparing for interview by please dont ask name of coaching

Getting respect at your Job

IRSE generally is more manpower intensive compared to other departments, so you have more staff at your disposal. As a JAG officer posted in division, you may have more than 1000 staff under you. You may also have staff like gardeners, safaiwalla at home. Like I said, as a probationary ADEN (for 2-3 yrs after training), you generally won't get car, but depending on your jurisdiction and the Sr. DEN (Senior Divisional Engineer, JAG officer) you are reporting to, you may be given car also.
But after being promoted as DEN after 2-3 years you will definitely have car.