Saturday, 28 February 2015

Something I want to Share

I heard the news which i didn't wanted to share.but u people seems to be worried thats why i am sharing this.actually telecom companies like bsnl,mtnl said to telecom minister in their report that people recruited thru ES shows power in their work in every situation.everywhere and every time  they used to say that i am in better position and better knowledgeable than you.i am ES officer(more things like that)so now chairman of these companies decided to maintain the department on their own rather taking ES person who shows power only.And 2nd thing is due to allocation of spectrum to different companies accordingly,the role of ITS is getting narrow and narrow,now they do not need more number of ES officers for it.this might be the reason for it also.these all things told to our class while preparing for interview by please dont ask name of coaching

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