Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Ganguly being Victim in World Cup

The doubts that i cud have had over the years dada sabotaging the 2007 world cup campaign by his pathetic slow innings of 60 odd runs in double the number of balls against Bangladesh will no more be there. Here is a bitter man who was ranting about his sr vis a vis RD's during last eng tour and this very man cud not even score at a sr of 75-80 in a world cup match against bd. This man still carries the bitterness in him against his former teammate and the most humble servant of Indian cricket for not fighting for his already lost cause. Dada was credited with lot of good things in cricket and it is simply the case of Fence eating Crop.

I have to agree though that Dada was a Victim. A Victim of his own Attitude rather than a psycho (as alleged by Dada) Chappell or anyone else.

For Dada it has always been he him himself.

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