Thursday, 12 May 2016

Slaughtering Cow for Meat

From ancient time India was a land with full of diversities ... Till today the situation is exactly same ... There may be differences in opinion - but based on that, division land is not acceptable .... Creation of Pakistan - I think it was a blunder - both for Hindus n Muslims - It will be clearer with every passing day ...

And I feel it so painful that many Muslims perceive that they are successors of some foreign invaders - this humiliates me a lot - in fact it will humiliate any Indian .... In some cases Muslims are unnecessarily arrogant ... I find no reason for that ...

Anyway ,, in this case - the slughtering of a heavily pregnant cow was totally unnecessary !! ..... Its not about majority or minority - Its more to do with humanity ... Here ,, slughtering of a heavily pregnant cow could be avoided ....

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